अन्नपूर्णा बंधानी हिंग // Annapurna Bandhani Hing (asafoetida/asafetida)

Since 1963

Exporter, Importer and Manufacturer of Compounded Asafoetida and Spices                   45 Years of UNIQUE Services    
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What is Asafoetida?
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About Us ...


Annapurna is always perfect as the beloved of Lord Shankara, without which no food is complete. It is the promoter of health and the benefactor of all that is good for human body.

Annapurna compound asafoetida is the SPICE of the spices, the TASTE of the tastes, and the FOOD of the foods.

Shri Kanjibhai Nanjibhai Thakkar (Annapurna Hing Wala) established the firm in the lucky year 1963 i.e.1+9+6+3=19 the luckiest number in numerology. Luck and Labour, persistence and consistence have always favoured ourselves and our agents and stockiest and customers and users of our products. Our earnest prayers to Godess Annapurna for the health and wealth of the users of Annapurna Hing and our constant endeavor to preserve the highest standards of our products have naturally created the Highest GOODWILL for our hing i.e. your Annapurna

Hing which is always the favourite number One of all.

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